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capsule culture

We are an age-fluid, time-defying, complicated-awesome capsule culture -
on a mission to question the world’s aging ideas and the idea of age itself. Collectively, we are creating a future that is free to identify young.

This is age-control. A new era of intelligent skin and hair products that refuse to take aging seriously.

Our SPECTRUM of products is fully customized to match different users. They have been obsessively tested and are all best in class. SPOILEDBRAIN, our proprietary machine learning, will select the exact product or SEQUENCE of products that each user needs.

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The spoiled
are not wasteful

Our refillable design, intelligent accuracy, and sustainable mindset make joining our community – our Capsule Culture – the most selfish way to save our planet.

Inside and out SpoiledChild was created to be youth-full and waste less. We are devoted to preserving the planet we play on.

and Out
Recyclable capsules
Refillable glass bottles
Sustainable packaging

They’ve said we are the generation that refuses to grow up, but the reality is, we don’t have to.

We have the brains to: “stay immature”, the science to change the game, and the passion to do it all sustainably.

Most importantly, we have the vision to correct the idea of ‘age’ and reverse the damage of old ideas.

This is

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The majority of consumers are using products they don’t need.

Instead, ask SpoiledBrain.

SpoiledBrain, our proprietary machine learning, will determine the exact products you need by combining millions of data points with your personal profile. Collective data for precisely individual results. Genius!

What`s your youth sequence?

Just ask SpoiledBrain