Our wasteful ways are
getting old.

SpoiledChild is designed for you to stay youth-full and waste less,
featuring a patented refillable system, recyclable capsules, and recycled materials.

be part of the solution
Units of packaging are produced each year by the cosmetics industry
of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use
of plastic used in beauty packaging never makes it to a recycling center
Inside and out, we’re devoted to preserving the planet we play on

SpoiledChild, with our refillable design, intelligent accuracy, and sustainable mindset, was created to empower our community - our capsule culture - to stay youth-full and waste less.

Recyclable capsules

With capsules for skin + hair that are recyclable, SpoiledChild features a refillable system designed to replenish your formula while minimizing waste.

Choose auto-refills when you run out of formula. We’ll automatically send you refill capsules. Send us back your empties – we’ll recycle them for you!
  1. When you finish your capsules, remove them from your refillable dispensers. Rinse out any residue and allow them to dry.
  2. With every third shipment of your skin + hair auto-refills, we'll include a pre-paid recycling envelope in the shipment. Place up to 4 empty, clean and dry capsules in this envelope. Then drop the envelope off at the carrier specified on the shipping label, and we'll take care of the rest. Please include any saved capsule caps in the envelope but don't include other types of packaging.
  3. If you don't have a pre-paid envelope, reach out to [email protected] with the subject "Recycling Label." We'll send you a pre-paid label that you can print and attach to a reused box or envelope.

Our complimentary dispensers are refillable and made-to-last. More results, less waste.

How to refill your skincare + hair serum dispensers
  1. (This is for pre-assembled products)
    Twist off the pump-top from your dispenser to pull out your finished capsule. Twist the empty capsule to disconnect it from the pump-top.
  2. Take your new refill capsule and gently tap the bottom 3 times with the palm of your hand. Twist and remove cap.
  3. Insert refill capsule into pump-top. Twist the capsule until the engraved line on both the capsule and the pump-top align.
  4. Place connected capsule & pump-top into the empty glass dispenser and twist the pump-top until secure. You’re all set!
How to refill your hair mask jar
  1. (This step is for pro-assembled products)
    Twist off the cap to open the dispenser. Twist the finished cap and lift it out of the dispenser.
  2. (Start here to fill your empty dispenser)
    Clean any remaining product from jar and lid; let dry. Place refill capsule into the dispenser. Twist the capsule until you hear a click.
  3. Peel off foil layer to reveal product.
  4. Twist cap to close your product until you're ready to use it.

Our exterior packaging is made from paper and cardboard and is ALL curbside recyclable. It is also FSC®-certified, which means that the materials used originate from sustainable sources that protect the world’s forests.